Code of Conduct

Article 1. Policy Statement

Union City Youth Soccer League and UC Premier (collectively “UCYSL” or “the Club”) exist to foster and advance soccer programs that promote Good Sportsmanship, Honesty, Loyalty, and Courage through organized athletic competition. Our mission is to provide a safe, clean, and exemplary atmosphere for the children and parents of the program to enjoy the game of soccer. The Code of Conduct is intended to further ensure that the playing experience is in accordance with these ideas and principles.

Article 2. Scope/Coverage

This policy applies to all UCYSL coaches, managers, staff, players, parents, referees, spectators, and Board of Directors.

Article 3. Code of Conduct

1. I will emphasize that the game is played for fun, and for the benefit of the youth, not adults. 2. I will act as a role model by demonstrating positive support for all players, coaches, and game officials regardless of race, creed, color, gender, religion, or ability. 3. I will not engage in any kind of unsportsmanlike conduct with any official, coach, player, parent, or spectator such as booing and taunting, refusing to shake hands, or using profane language or gestures. 4. I will teach my child to play within the spirit and intentions of the rules and the Laws of the Game. 5. I will refrain from criticizing the game officials and will respect their authority and decisions during games. 6. I will never place the value of winning over the safety and welfare of the players. 7. I will demand a sports environment free from drugs, tobacco, and alcohol and I will refrain from their use at all sporting events. 8. I will not encourage, invite, nor recruit any player from an opposing team to join my child’s team during the playing season.

Article 4. Referee Dissent and Abuse

Dissent with the decisions of the match officials – by players, coaches, or spectators – is not permitted. Persistent dissent shall be dealt with by referees through warnings, cautions, and/or dismissal of the offending individual(s). “Referee abuse” is a verbal statement or physical act not resulting in bodily contact which implies or threatens physical harm to a referee or the referee’s property or equipment. Examples include, but are not limited to, using foul or abusive language toward a referee; spewing any beverage on a referee’s personal property; spitting at (but not on) the referee; or verbally threatening the referee and implying physical harm. At the referee’s discretion, the match may be halted or abandoned if the referee determines that the action is warranted due to the behavior of the players, coaches, and/or spectators and/or the match cannot be safely continued. In the case of persistent dissent resulting in cautions and/or dismissal, referee abuse, or match abandonment, the referee shall submit an Incident Report to Club officials describing the actions of the individual(s). Referee dissent and/or abuse shall result in referral to the Club PAD Committee and the appropriate sanctioning body (e.g., NorCal Premier, CalNorth CYSA-N) for adjudication and sanctions as defined by the Club’s PAD Procedures.

Article 5. Spectator Behavior

Spectators of UCYSL activities (practices, scrimmages, and matches) are expected to behave in a manner respectful to the game, players, coaches, opponents, Club, and match officials. Foul or abusive language, violent or inappropriate behaviors, consumption of or being under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances, or consumption of tobacco at an activity site shall result in the removal of the individuals(s) and referral to the the Club PAD Committee and the appropriate sanctioning body (e.g., NorCal Premier, CalNorth CYSA-N) for adjudication and sanctions as defined by the Club’s PAD Procedures. If the individual is the parent or guardian of a player, that player shall also be removed from the activity. If the individual refuses removal, the activity shall be abandoned.

Article 6. Membership Policies

All members of UCYSL (coaches, parents and players) shall act in accordance with the Club Bylaws and Code of Conduct. Failure to do so undermines the position of the Board, the support of the other members, the direction of the UCYSL program, and puts in jeopardy the value that these volunteers provide to the players, parents and spectators alike. Any concerns that an individual(s) has with the UCYSL program or its members can be directed in a polite and constructive manner to any Board member at the convenience of the Board member, or directly to the President of the Club. In addition, any member of the Club is welcome to address the Board during the regularly scheduled monthly meeting, provided a minimum of 3 days notice is given in writing to the Board President. Depending on the nature of the concern, the Club and its Board members have the right to delay the hearing as deemed necessary (i.e. if an additional investigation is required). Any contact with any Club member (phone, e-mail, in-person, etc.) considered verbally or physically insulting, threatening or abusive may be referred to the Club PAD Committee for possible sanctions.