Phase 1 RTP Coach agreement

  • All coaches are required to read and agree to the UC Premier 2020 Phase 1 return to play procedures.

    Here is a summary:

    • Per County guidelines, there can be a maximum of 12 players/coaches per practice session. For larger teams, you will need to have separate sessions with subgroups within the team. These groupings must be maintained until Phase 2.
    • Practice sessions must be organized with a minimum distance between teams - ideally 25 yards.
    • Each practice will have a check-in station organized by the team manager. At arrival, players will need to answer a set of questions on their health in order to participate - players exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19 will be sent home.
    • Each player/coach will be assigned a separate “prep area” to place bags, water, bottles, etc. The prep areas must be 6’ apart and can be marked with cones.
    • All balls and cones must be sanitized prior to use and at the end of the session. Players are not allowed to handle cones or balls - if this occurs, the cones/balls must be resanitized and the player must also wash/sanitize hands.
    • Scrimmage vests or pinnies are not recommended unless they can be issued individually to each player for their own laundry and care.
    • Throw-ins and heading are not allowed in Phase 1.
    • Wear a face covering or mask when not actively coaching; maintain social distancing from players.
    • The goalkeeper should have his/her own ball for use in training and should wear gloves. If the goalkeeper is included in a game activity with field players, it should be with the goalkeeper’s ball.
    • All participants (players, coaches, etc) should wear PPE when not physically active. PPE should cover nose and mouth. Ideally, the practice should be organized so that players can move from station to station within the session.
    • Participants should not touch each other during the session.
    • Team talks during practice should be in an open space with all participants practicing social distancing.
    • Coaches should always wear PPE when communicating.
    • Have fun and stay positive - players and parents are looking to you to stay calm, supportive, and caring at this time.
    Click the link to read the US Soccer specific guidelines:
  • US Soccer Phase 1 guidelines