From: “Fred Wilson” <>
Date: August 21, 2017 at 12:32:12 PM PDT
To: “Alejandra Valle” <>
Subject: Region 3-4 Schedules and Season kickoff
Reply-To: “Fred Wilson” <>
Coaches and Managers,
We kickoff this Saturday.  A couple items as we get into the season
1. There are many games set for this weekend that are not scheduled. Please get times and locations into the gotsoccer schedule immediately.  They absolutely need to be scheduled by the end of the day today.  
2. U9 and U10 will be doing the buildout line.  Here are two links that you can use to educate your referees, coaches and staff for the implementation of this line.  This is something that is required of all clubs.
Here is some additional information regarding registration, Kyck and information for the league. Please review this for your information
U.S. Club/KYCK Registration
At this time, all players/coaches should be registered in KYCK for the upcoming season. If you have not received player passes and coach passes for your team, please communicate right away with the person in your club who is responsible for obtaining these mandatory items.
Team Admin Manual –
This document outlines the manager responsibilities and has links to step-by-step instructions for creating rosters, generating game cards, etc. Please make sure all managers have this information and review it.
There will be additional information coming this week.  Please attend to the items above as soon as possible.  Thank you
Fred Wilson
Region 3-4 coordinator